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KWIKSHOT PRO fills 1000 cartridges per hour. It is a Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler can fill 100 (0.5ml) cartridges, in less than 5 minutes. The heated barrel keeps your liquid at the exact temperature you want without burning the precious contents.

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    KWIK SHOT PRO Description

    The Kwik Shot Pro Semi-automatic Cartridge Filler fills 100 0.5ml or 50 1.0ml cartridges, disposable pens or syringes in 5 minutes or less.  Its state of the art heat barrel maintains the oil at the exact desired temperature without the risk of burning caused when oil has direct contact with heating coils.

    Kwik Shot Pro’s state of the art digital temperature control is made of durable and heat dissipating aluminum for years of trouble-free performance. The LED display is easy to program and provides precise temperatures from room temperature to 194 degrees Fahrenheit.  The control unit sends data to the filler through a 5’ silicone flex cord that is reinforced with fiberglass for added strength. The power and data cords are detachable making transport and storage easier. The Kwik Shot Pro gun unit is made of durable, lightweight aluminum.  The grip is shaped for easy and pain free use under high volume workloads. Cartridge volume is controlled by an easy to read dial calibrated in 0.5ml increments that range from 0.5 to 2.5ml.

    Precision dosing for the oil is accomplished with a stainless steel piston combined with a drip free stainless steel luer lock tip. The state of the art heat barrel is made of hardened aluminum with a 3mm air space cushioning around the oil. The heated air is dispersed evenly preventing overheating caused by oil in direct contact with heating elements.

    Temperature Control

    Kwik Shot Pro’s digital control unit optimizes your desired oil temperature with a range from room temperature to 194F with less than a 1 degree margin of error.  The state of the art heat barrel is designed with an all-encompassing air space around the oil maintaining an even and safe temperature that prevents the possibility of burnt oil.

    User Friendly

    1. Preheat: Preheat oil to desired temperature.
    2. Fill Kwik Shot: Either by drawing back the piston or top filling.
    3. Set Filler: Use easy to read LED screen and set dial to your temperature and cart size.
    4. Fill Carts: With a tiny 1/8” squeeze you’ve filled a unit. 

    Product Protection

    1. Kwik Shot Pro’s control unit will never exceed 194 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid a user error from overheating the oil and causing the burning off of the terpenes.
    2. The Kwik Shot  Pro has a built in safety that shuts off all heat should the oil reach 212F.
    3. The Kwik Shot Pro Heat Barrel incorporates an air space surrounding the oil barrel which heats the oil avoiding the problem of heating elements having direct contact with the oil causing burnt oil.


    Kwik Shot Pro is designed to be mobile and easily stored.  To this end the power and data cords disconnect from the control unit so it can be safely packed in a bag or stored without the risk of bending or breaking wires.


    Kwik Shot Pro uses only the highest quality parts and materials to assure the best performance and longevity for years of efficient and safe use.


    • Filler Gun
      • 25ml capacity
      • Increments: 0.5ml., 1.0ml., 1.5ml., 2.0ml., 2.5ml.
      • Temp Range: Room Temp – 194f
      • Aluminum, Stainless
      • Luer Lock Tip
    • Heat Barrel
      • Hardened Aluminum
      • Easy Connect: 1/4 turn finger screw
      • Heater: 35w
      • Silicone Cover
    • Control Unit
      • Aluminum
      • All cords detachable
      • Max 150W heater load
      • 110V
      • 220V Available upon special request
      • 2 AMP Fuse
    • Power Cord (wall to control unit)
      • Standard detachable power cord (typically 5’ length)
      • Detachable
      • Grounded 3 Prong
    • Head Connection Cord (control unit to filler)
      • Extremely flexible 5’ length
      • Detachable at control unit using watertight industrial connector plug
      • Silicone coated fiberglass braid is chemical and heat proof

    KWIK SHOT PRO Includes

    • (1) Control Unit
    • (1) Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler (25ml)
    • (1) 25ml Oil Barrel w/Gasket
    • (1) Heat Barrel
    • (1) 14 g. Stainless Steel Luer Lock Blunt Fill Needle
    • (1) 15 g. Stainless Steel Luer Lock Blunt Fill Needle
    • (1) Luer Lock Cap
    • (1) Instruction Manual


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    • If other shipping method is preferred please contact us before ordering. 
    • Paying for “Priority Express” at checkout only applies to shipping, not manufacturing lead times.
    • KWIK SHOT PRO is not responsible for deliveries once “Delivered” (via tracking number). 


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